October 17, 2017

Design Your Own Website 12 Top Tips You Must Know

Design your own website and rule the world and amaze your friends – well not quite. If you want to make money online – and yes you really can – then you must at least understand how to design your own website even if you decide to pay someone else to do it. Here are my 12 tips that I know are vital to creating a profitable site.

  1. As I’m sure you know search engines judge a site page by page so you must make proper use of your keyword phrase. For example if your keyword is ‘how to arrange flowers’ then your page name should be ‘yoursiteurl.com/how-to-arrange-flowers.html’, the page title should be ‘How To Arrange Flowers’ and it should be all about – you guessed it – how to arrange flowers. The keyword should be repeated throughout the page every once or twice per 100 words.
  2. Good quality photographs can be very effective, I use istockphoto – not free but inexpensive.
  3. Make sure to reduce not just the physical size of you photographs but, more importantly, in terms of pixels. If you reduce the number of pixels by 40% it will have no discernible effect on the quality of your photographs but will speed up the time your site takes to download. IrfanView is a great free tool for doing just this.
  4. Always have your main text in black on a white background, make your copy even slightly difficult to read and your prospective customer will be gone!
  5. Be very careful in your use of pop-ups, many people find them irritating. They can be used to great effect but have at least a 20 second delay between someone coming to your site and the pop-up appearing.
  6. It is very easy to get a hold of some script that will make the date that appears on your site always the current one. This really does make your site look, literally, up to date.
  7. Stuck for ideas ? – check out other sites in your niche – don’t copy but be inspired by them.
  8. Make sure that your site works in all the major browsers not just Internet Explorer.
  9. If you have a large number of articles on your site consider grouping them. For example Arranging Roses, Arranging Daffodils and Arranging Tulips could all come under Arranging Flowers – this is called ‘Siloing’
  10. How about a video message that starts when someone lands on your site – remember people buy from people and if you come across as sincere and not too ‘saleszie’ this can be very powerful.
  11. Have an ‘About Us’, ‘Guarantee’, ‘Resource Page’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ page on your site, they will impress the search engines.
  12. Check for typos. Every browser has spellcheck so there is no excuse, nothing looks worse or as unprofessional as poor spelling and grammar.

These are some of the more important things to take into consideration when you come to design your own website. Elsewhere I list many more and go into them in much greater detail but for now remember that anyone prepared to put in a little time a work can make a very good living on the web – just learn how to do it properly!

Source by Lawrence Stainbank