October 21, 2017

Phrases for Performance Appraisal

Are you a boss or manager? Phrases of Comments for Performance Appraisal plays an important role in HR management. You can ref some phrases as follows:

I/ Performance Appraisal Phrases on Interpersonal Skills

People use interpersonal skills to communicate and interact with others. In other terms, they can be referred to either “people skills” or “communication skills”. Interpersonal skills involve a variety of social skills such as active listening, voice tone using, delegation or leadership skills, etc. Having good interpersonal skills shall determine how well you can communicate and get along well with others. These skills are necessary for those who want to develop their career, especially in such industries as business, marketing, Customer relationship or advertising, etc.

So, how can a manager describe about someone’s interpersonal skills? The following appraisal phrase examples shall be useful for your description sheet of your employees:

1. Positive Appraisal Phrases on Interpersonal Skills

· Sally is talented making people feel encouraged and appreciated when she is around them. How she talks with them and looks at them is so refreshing and amazing. She will be a very precious asset to teamwork and within a group working environment.

· Jack can make other members feel ease and refreshed like being at home in a very natural way just by talking and smiling. He is a very important element in our group.

· Bill has such great communication skills that he can maintain a harmonic atmosphere within the group.

· Kevin always tries to build up a positive relationship among his team. He knows well how to relate team members with each other.

· Holly is such a good manager as she can get along very well and maintain the spirit among her coworkers, subordinates and other employees.

· Tim’s behavior and attitude has a great influence on those around him. He can inspire them to work harder and more efficiently.

· Bill has a talent to look deep into others’ feeling and he, therefore, can make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

2. Negative Appraisal Phrases on International Skills

· John may look attractive, his personality, however, does not attract people but tends to drive them away instead.

· George is not getting on well with other members.

· Such strong trait of Peter is not good within our group as it tends to make other members away from him.

· John may have an impressive education background and creativity as well. He can inspire the management team easily, but he has none but a weak point: the employees cannot stand working under him.

· Tim sometimes may understand wrong about the difference between “friend” and “colleague”. He tends to build up a good friend relation but ignores what should be better for an effective working environment.

· Fred should improve his skills of getting on well with other people around him.

II/ Performance Appraisal Phrases on Reliability

Reliability shows how a person can be trusted by others. A person’s reliability may be dependent on many factors such as his/her integrity, trait, personality, the truthfulness of his words, etc.

This is one of the most important characteristics required to any employees by the manager. The following phrases should be used in giving description about this characteristic:

1. Positive Appraisal Phrases on Reliability

· Kyle is one of the most hard-working employees in the company. He has proven himself to be a dependable person in the work.

· Jennifer never stops impressing us on her ability to get the job done. We can absolutely count on her.

· Jim is the perfect person to assign this task to. He is very reliable.

· We’ve never lost our expectation of Jim improving his performance better and better day by day.

· Ben treats his job with commitment, and we can always be sure that his performance will exceed the expectation.

· In term of “firm-minded”, we should think about April. She is a very reliable and trustworthy employee.

· If you want some task to be performed absolutely, just ask Harry to. He has our trust as he’s proven that he will not failed at any assignment.

2. Negative Appraisal Phrases on Reliability

· It’s true that Bob is a loyal person, but he doesn’t seem to be a very dependable one. “Flaky” should be the best description of him.

· Normally, Holly is very effective at work. However, it’s not a good option to rely on her doing everything.

· Ryan shall never be willing to accept such a requirement of working overtime. We shouldn’t count this assignment on him.

· In this time of economic crisis, we need employees who are prepared to do everything they can to get the job done, and absolutely, Julia is not one of those.

· Peter’s reliability should be questioned. His performance is irregular. That’s why we have to check on him rather frequently.

· Unlike other employees, Kyle is more likely to going home instead of working overtime to get the job done.

· Kenney doesn’t prove himself reliable enough up to our expectation of him.

Source by Ngo Vinet