October 18, 2017

Sales Letter Ending

First of all, a general comment about writing a sales letter; – “The clue is in the title”, as the saying goes. Always treat your sales letter as a letter, as if you were writing to a friend or colleague. Always open your letter with a greeting and end it with a goodbye. The main body of the letter is where you would put before a customer the benefits and the value of your product or service, but it is at the end where you make the actual sales pitch. The more convincingly you have presented your product in the main body of your sales letter the easier it should be to clinch the sale.

However, there are three particular issues which are an essential part of any sales letter ending to ensure the best conversion rate possible. These are the guarantee, the bonus or collection of bonuses and the call to action. Remember we are initially selling to people who do not know us and who have not had the opportunity to look at, handle, or peruse the item we are asking them to buy. If they were making a purchase in a shop all those things would be possible. Our sales letter must reassure them that they would be buying a quality item, getting value for money and that their money would not be wasted.

We address the issue of value for money by adding further value to what is being purchased. This is a key part of any sales letter format. A quality bonus would normally be added to the main purchase which in some way enhances what is being bought. The additional item MUST be good quality and must be related to the main product being retailed. This added value will often swing it for the marketer, but the bonus must be of high quality and relevant to the main offer.

The second part of the crucial sign-off sequence in a sales letter ending is the guarantee. With internet marketing this should always be a “100% cast iron guarantee”. If the potential customer is made convincingly aware that, should they not like the product for any reason, they can get their money back without any quibble, they are more likely to buy.

A very successful tack is to offer a 60 day guarantee pointing out that the customer effectively has the product for two months to assess it at leisure before deciding whether they wish to keep it or not. Anything which enhances the value of the offer in the eyes of a customer will increase your conversion rate and reduce your returns. There will always be returns which should be refunded immediately without hesitation. The nature of the ‘distance selling’ makes returns inevitable.

The third of the essentials of a sales letter ending is the call to action. What we don’t want is for a potential customer to procrastinate. We don’t want a customer to leave the sales page thinking, “I’ll order or subscribe tomorrow”, because, as we all know; “Tomorrow never comes!” This is the point at which we would offer the bonus item as an incentive and reiterate the 100% guarantee raising further awareness of the risk-free nature of the purchase.

Your sales letter ending should include a relevant signing off phrase, something appropriate to your niche. Always try to make your readers feel that the letter is addressing them personally. A PS added after your sign-off would then be used as one final reminder of a particular benefit or the valuable bonus being added.

Source by Rob J Hinchliffe