October 20, 2017

The Desirable Attitudes Towards Work

Recently, managers, supervisors, and executives were asked about desirable attitudes they expect from their workers. Let me share some of their answers.

Here are the desired traits most employers are looking for from their workers.

– Self Reliance

A worker should learn to accomplish the job assignment to him and should not depend on others for tasks that he can not do.

– Perfection

A good worker does not stop until he/she gets excellent results. He is happy when he sees that what he has produced meets the standard set by his boss.

– Responsibility

Every company has its own rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of each and every worker to follow them. Another thing to remember, you are answerable to your boss for task assigned to you. If something turns wrong because of what you have done, accept the blame.

– Perseverance

Be patient in handling task. Try to finish your work assignment on time, no matter how boring it is.

– Ability to follow instructions

Make everything clear before you start on your task. Read and understand the instructions. If something is vague, don’t be afraid to ask.

– Attitudes towards supervisor

Respect your boss and be loyal to him. At the same time keep your mind open, admit when he’s right but try to point out to him when he is wrong, just make sure you won’t offend him.

– Quality of work

Try to accomplish your work ahead of time deadline, and must be able to maintain the quality in your work.

– Attendance

Be punctual. Remember that you are paid to render work for specific hour. If you really love your work, you will show excitement and enthusiasm by coming to the office on time.

– Attitudes towards co-workers

You can not attain success all by yourself. You need to bring other people into your life, can’t afford to get along without them. Try to develop a smooth relationship with your co-workers. Be ready to lend a helping hand. Surely, when the time comes when you need their help, they would be more than willing to give it to you.

– Dependability

You must be relied upon to perform other tasks. Make your supervisors feel you are there when you’re needed, producing the right outputs.

You are dependable when you give more than what is expected as in cases of rush orders and emergencies.

Source by Nimrod Paradero